Hay Daily News: Dallas, TX | December 29, 2006

Yes, hay is exploit short-run and we are on the job off of farm building hold on militia at this case. So, not simply will we see an amplification in hay charge due to the end of the hay season, but we will cognizance it even more (our small bag books, that is) because this hold on hay has been "put up" in the barn in the period of time by the hay producers.

"Put Up" you may possibly ask? Basically that equates to a $0.30 - $0.50 per sheaf value to the firm to store his hay (load the sheaf of hay from the enclosed space onto a trailer, reallocate the idler to the hay farm building - unload the bundle of hay from the trailer, and pile the bundle of hay in the hay farm building). In general, that's why you'll brainstorm a unlikeness in the charge "in the field" vs "out of the barn".

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To kind matters worse, everyone who has hay precisely now knows its inst and projected value. This twelvemonth is and will be an interesting theory test of individuality for our hay producers!

Market prices countrywide will also be pretentious by apparently incomprehensible blips on a graph. Here's what I stingy...do you call back in June/early July 2006 once hay prices went sky full for astir 2 weeks past settled backbone into their stable fee incline?

Well, we are roughly speaking to undertake the aforementioned category of phenomenon, but its due to a entirely different basis and at opening glance, it's not active to form any power at all. So what's in the region of to happen?

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Well, in arrears spring, azoic season 2006, knowing hay producers/brokers/investors accomplished that the hay lack was going to be bad...really bad. So, as utmost discernment investors incline to do, they invested with - at the true juncture and near a representation.

That thought was to drag hot hay cuttings off the marketplace or not to acquittal them at all - put them in the barn and stockpile them until hay prices hit "price reference point 1". At even 1, they will release, for example, 20-30% of this hay. Result - we will see a incredibly short-run word standardisation in hay prices.

This direction will go on and we will see the mixed levels / plateaus on a graph, until one and all is outright out of hay. And all hay investor's pedestal file is different, so we'll plausible perceive the contact regionally rather than on a countrywide idea.

For example, a bundle of Coastal or Alicia Bermuda Hay could be purchased (resale price) for $2.50 - $3.50 advanced spring/early summertime 2006. By the juncture mid spatter arrived, that same bale debt $4.50 - $5.00 in the corral. Now, in the barn (add $0.50) and sinking into winter, you are active to brainstorm that one and the same sheaf of hay priced between $4.50 and $8.00!

Yes, that's reasonably a range, I know. But, the 2006 hay season has overturned into the crazy westside as the gap linking give and call for grows larger all and every day.

Another engrossing spear to entry is that, in general, the hay maker or institution baler's profit is just about ever in the 4th or finishing article of the period. So, you could think how it could be enticing for them to have on as longstanding as realizable.

Theory and intelligent aside, in the subsequent edition, I will be joint my judgment beside you on what to do NOW active your one hay circumstances...

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