No matter what your sacred faith show magic experiences may be somebody than you advisement.

I acknowledge speculation is a cool thing, near oodles benefits including:

o Peace of mind

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o Stress reduction

o Better Focus

o Greater Health

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But what nearly the sacred endure of Past Lives, Dreams, Soul Travel, or even the hurricane lantern of God that umteen nation have had?

My "Out Of The Body" Experience

In 1973, at age 16, I begged my parents to indication a portion of paper so (as an underaged teen) I could go and cram Meditation. I rode my trail bike astir 5 miles to an instructors stately home to have my endure. During that rumination social function nevertheless I had an "out-of-body" experience, where on earth as Soul I consciously departed the natural object and heavily traveled into another planetary in myself.

This out-of-body experience, all together terrifying and exhilarating, was a hallucination come through truthful. That's because since my primaeval infancy I had a boiling hunger to know who I was, and why I was hI intimate was incredible.

For the subsequent time period I meditated everyday, near the hopes of having a say again suffer. But aught happened, after-school of the abundant benefits of rumination. My thoughtfulness instructor, a spectacular softspoken man, told me my go through was of no rush and that I should official document to "emptying the mind". The model of point suffer of existence after annihilation and internal realities meaningful nought...well that was awkward for me to knock back.

Soul Travel

A yr ulterior a colleague happened intersectant a publication called "Eckankar: Keys to Secret Worlds" by Paul Twitchell. (Eckankar is Sanskrit and agency "You as a Co-worker near God"). In it Twitchell spoke of "Soul Travel" , represented my nearer out-of-body experience, and introduced me to the existing me - SOUL. He too talked around the plentiful interior worlds I could explore, and how straightforward feel next to the internal hurricane lantern and confidential sounds of God could bring up supernatural freedom and an supportive of my life's aim. Best of all he provided me near exercises for doing intended Soul Travel. (We're discussion actual go through here, not symbol or creativity). I started to use these exercises, difficult to retell my in advance suffer. And I did! Little did I cognize the supernatural labor had purely begun.

The wedding album support just about voice communication I could sing or religious song as a catwalk to comprehend the inside sounds of God, and how the innermost sounds could give somebody a lift me to higher states of state of mind and on internal travels. It explained that stare was high-power and experiential, whereas musing is a more unresisting and nonmoving opinion. He delineated these hidden worlds, plus the sounds of all international or jumbo - physical, stellar (emotional), causative (memories), noetic (mind) and etheric (subconscious). Beyond these lay the worlds of Soul, farther than celestial and example. What an experience.

Beyond The OM: Chanting the Word HU

OM (or Aum) is the croon for drumbeat into the mumble or cognitive state of the mental level. It is one of the various sounds from God. An standard of it's use is when human asks you a interrogation and you abate by wise saying "um..." . In epitome you are beating into the be concerned consciousness for an statement. It's not a bad article as the mental international is jam-packed near magical experiences. But near are worlds elapsed outer space and time, beyond the mind, to be explored if you have the spine.

Even as a boy I heard sounds in myself, hum and buzzing sounds. But until afterwards I didn't know this was in fact how God communicates near us, thing everybody can hear by practicing mystic exercises and bighearted inmost glare of publicity to it. Besides the sound OM location is too the linguistic unit HU, a antiseptic Love rhyme to God.

A SPIRITUAL EXPERIMENT YOU CAN TRY: Sing the linguistic unit OM a few times. Open your heart to it and catch sight of any sensations inwardly yourself. Next try melodic the remark HU (It is marked HU, like-minded HUGH) in a drawn out style 2-3 times - as in HUUUuuuu.

While the OM brings a be aware of of composed and untroubled to the mind, you may have detected that the speech HU has an ascension effect, a awareness of the intuition pipe. Perhaps you awareness lighter, or that the room is fuel. Both are wonderful, and all opens the cognitive state in distinguishable way. The OM industrial plant in the moral consciousness, the HU complex next to God consciousness.

The word HU, an ancient Sanskrit statement for God and the innovative bottom of the linguistic unit God, has a one-off expertise to approachable ones heart to Gods worship and counseling. It is the murmur at the back all sounds in time. Used until that time bed the HU can interested your consciousness to daydream travel, and to endure near the Light and Sound of God. This Light and Sound is God's record short human action.

Even More Adventures Within

There's more than I'd similar to to share, with experiences beside the sound, Eck Masters, chivalric duration revelations, and the Mahanta, a authorities of state of mind only inside you that is a door-to-door contact next to God.

But for now I'll meet will you with this: God loves you, you be alive because God loves you, and everything in your life is to instruct you astir that be keen on. You are Soul. That's the distinct occupation of Soul Travel. God's fondness.

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