Saturn rules this homeland of unbalance, we hail as reduction. Nowadays, melancholy is an illness that is manifesting itself all ended the international. The planet, rules all types of things forms. This arguments includes the material international as well as our planet Earth. Saturn's relation next to the law of gravitational force and the opinion of job are fit well-known to the astrologers.

Saturn gives us, blocks and delays and as well makes us free: it is a contradiction. These blocks must be seen as opportunities to vegetate and turn up ourselves as maturing individuals. In this way we germinate and in escalating we get rid of early entanglements. Saturn represents circumstance and destiny. Time and karma, if justly used, gives stableness. Saturn is a tough spiritual teacher, as Saturn sends us the difficulties that we requirement to get the better of to educate ourselves. We can come up to position with his energy, lone if we are able to manage a sacred level, otherwise we brainstorm ourselves in the quicksands. Like environmental quicksands,
the much the you swing into the saturnial problem, the much you sink: it is lone by victimisation magical treasures that you can get away from from the nuisance. Depression is greatly so much coupled to the detail of the mind, and Saturn has a noetic shudder.

All the fears, turbulent upsets, anxieties, and matchwood from the communist DNA, etc., kind what has been named in mystic sciences the Dweller-on-the-Threshold. It is by lining the Dweller-on-the-Threshold that we advancement. If we do not go all-out near the Dweller-on-the-Threshold we will delay leaving submissive and vanished. Everyone has to be imagine with it.

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The Dweller-on-the-Threshold has the moral fibre of a gigantic thought-form or factor, which essential be two-faced and debauched in bid to additional advance. Its characteristics are big illusions-glamour-maya.

Illusions, glamour, and maya are states so steady in our day after day existence are psychogenic and emotional distortions of the true realness. At this point, to human face this " vast cloud" meditation, study, and employ to humankind are competent to dispel all this concentrated glamour of ages.

The knowledge near the wise relief of the Soul, can breach through, and elucidate the subdued musca volitans. In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna had to external body part his sadness which was caused by an consuming reduction.
Krishna, came to assistance him to overcome and win the Illusion which was unadulterated cause of his despair.

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Krishna gave to him quite a few ultimate rules to follow:

a- Know that you are Immortal

b- Control the mind, because this is the mechanism to know the Immortal

c- Know that the form veils and hides the divine reality

d- Realize that there is sole one Life pervasive all forms, so, disappearance does not exist, nor does anxiety, nor does discrimination.

e- Detach yourself from the word form and travel to Me in the dump of Light and Peace, so the Illusion disappears.

On a more than scientific- sacred angle, depression is a need of good-will. When the level of smashing in life, is not expressed, the statement of suitable turns itself against the owner, causation an detrition which can create weakness. Depression acts of the apostles specially on individuals who has a ascendency of the psychogenic disposition.

Saturn is a break up Teacher, but Saturn holds the keys to unfastened your doors!



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